If you’re a business in the travel industry, WeTrek enables you to dramatically enhance your visitor’s experience with immersive content and total control. Check all the possibilities below.

Museums and Attractions

Tell your story and make your visitor’s experience one to remember! WeTrek is the perfect platform to bring your audio stories and tours to life. Easy to use and available in several languages, your visitors will simply download the free WeTrek App onto their mobile device, enter your unique code, and off they go!

City and Tourism Bureaus

With the free WeTrek App you will discover new ways to reach your audience with unique and refreshing experiences. Engage local businesses and entrepreneurs as sponsors to create an immersive and original self-guided audio experience. Move visitors off the beaten track to some of the lesser known areas and attractions.


Conference & Events


Looking to offer your conference attendees or spouses some unique tour options or experiences before or after the conference? Or perhaps create your own special event, scavenger hunt, or team building experience during the conference? Or maybe you just want to do away with paper maps, brochures, time tables and event schedules and have it all easily accessible in one place – the guest’s mobile device. WeTrek is a great solution to bring your conference or event to the next level with audible stories, tours, experiences, and information as well as offline custom mapping to suit your needs and demands.


Cruise Lines

Guests want freedom, independence and choice. WeTrek is the perfect solution, providing guests the independence to explore a city at their own pace and according to their own interests. From audio guided walking tours, a foodie tour, a museum, a local market or just some insider tips on best places to eat and shop, WeTrek offers it all with an easy to use downloadable App directly to the guests mobile device. A great way to increase onboard revenue and target the ever growing number of independent travelers.

Tour Operators

Ready to expand your portfolio of tour offerings? Time to think out of the box with new and exciting experiences for your clients. Partner with WeTrek and together we will create exciting audio tours,

experiences, and great stories that will allow your clients to enjoy a destination at their own pace and according to their own interests.